king of tattoo 2020
11.22 (Sun) ⇨ 12.03 (Thu) | Online Streaming

king of tattoo 2020

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タトゥーアーティスト インタビュー
計 六時間映像盛り沢山配信

1days 22日(日)16:00〜
2days 23日(月・祝)16:00〜





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2days ticket 
Ticket is valid for watching both days.

It will be streamed on both November 22 and 23, and will also be available in English.

The money raised through live online viewing tickets will go towards future King of Tattoo conventions, with a share given to the venue in order to support the suffering local music event scene.

<Streaming Schedule> 
1st day: November 22nd (Sun) 16:00 JST ~ (plans)
2nd day: November 23rd (Mon) 16:00 JST~ (plans)
※Japan time

Archive Viewing till 23:59 JST December 3rd (Thu) 
Ticket Purchase till 18:00 JST December 3rd (Thu) 

*Tipping & Stickits: Always welcome! Please click shopping cart, according to the price. 
*You can purchase and give Tip&Stickits also from archive after the live-streaming. 
*There may be delays in broadcasting due to the Internet environment and other factors. The archives can be viewed without delay. 
*It is prohibited to re-distribute the content by recording it. 
*If you watch from the middle of the live stream, it will be streamed live from that point on, and cannot be rewound and played back during the live stream. (You can rewind the video after the live webcast ends. 
*Please allow some time for the video to appear in the archives after the live-streaming ends.

King of Tattoo 2020 Live-Streaming 

<Artist List> 
SABADO (Nagoya) / Shige, Yellow Blaze (Yokohama) / Hiro, Swallow’s Nest (Kyoto) / Horiei Shinshu (Nagano) / Horiman, Desperado Exchange Tattoo (Osaka) / Shinshu Manabu, Seventy Light Fact Tattoo (Nagano) / Nanao, Avant-garde Design (Okinawa) 
only on Nov. 22nd: Nanao, Avant-garde Design (Okinawa) 
only on Nov. 23rd: Mica Cat, Calico Circus Tattoo (Tokyo) / Nobu Isobe, Kijinkan (Tokyo) 

-Photo Exhibition by Kikuchi Shigeo 
-Tattoo Contest. Special trophies, donated by: Wizard TS, Antenna TS, Zocalo and Feather Needle) 
Categories on Nov. 22nd: Sleeve (Arm & leg), Black and Gray and Full Body Suit. 
on Nov. 23rd: One Point. Small, Backpiece, Best of Show 
-Body Painting Show 
-Art Fusion performance 
-Horareshi (Tattoo Collectors) Talk Show 
-Special Talk Show with legal team from tattoo legalization case in Japan (Nov.22nd) 
-Burlesque Dance by Aya Marmeid (Nov. 22nd) 
-Acoustic Live Music by Junk (Nov. 22nd) 
-Japanese ”TAIKO” drum show by Hirozumi Waka (Nov. 23rd) 
-Traditional Shamisen Improvisation (Nov. 23rd)